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"Sometimes We Don't Want The Truth!"

Read Galatians 4:16



         Not Everyone Wants The Truth!

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Face it! Not everyone is seeking to KNOW the TRUTH! There were probably times in all of our lives when it was more comfortable and convenient for us to lay in a lie until we mustered up the courage to make necessary changes. There we were standing in our ignorance mixed in quite well with our arrogance;proudly standing out  as wrong as two left shoes.

Sometimes people are so adamant about being right that we would much rather protect our pride than own up to our wrong. Lord help us when our ego gets so much  in the way that it causes us to treat the people who truly love and care about us the most as if they are strangers and enemies.

Worst of all, eventually we begin to cut ourselves off and isolate ourselves from the very help we need if ever we are to depart from living in the state called "denial." We desperately search for someone to cosign, cover, agree with and consent to our chaos. Fools are plenteous and we mistake opinions with truth. Refusing to confess the error of our judgment and behavior; the very ones who love us become our most bitter enemies.

God save us from ourselves.

Hell To The Know!




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