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“In your hearts of hearts, you must see it before you can be it.”MK

“Like God, we ought to start with the end in mind.”MK

"Tomorrow’s destination is birthed in today’s education …” MK


Read up as Pastor Mel plainly demonstrates how it is not what happens to us that stops us from living the lives we’ve been created to live. More than anything, we are all living our lives according to what and how we see. For this reason, it is our misalignment with wisdom [the right use ofKNOWledge] that causes the majority of the hell that we go through. Sadly, we go through so muchHELL by default where ever & whenever we don’t walk in the KNOW! However, Pastor Mel has learned first hand that when we SEE better we can BE better!

Let’s take a good look at your life and see what realm and level of KNOWledge you are currently operating in. Let’s go back to the drawing board from start to finish. Let’s see how you can develop your own divinely designed vision as the building blocks for the success and significance that you are meant to accomplish in this life time. You don’t have to die to experience heaven! You can have some heaven in your life right here and now! Use this book as a resource map to help you go from theHELL that you are living in to the KNOW.

This book is just perfect for young men and women needing to lay down a foundation worthy to build their whole lives upon. In fact, this book will be a powerful resource for any and everybody who needs to see a bit more clearly about how to get from where they are now to their next level. You may even be an older adult who has been forced to start all over from scratch due to the common set backs of life. If so, this book is for you too.

No doubt, if you are ready to live your life on your next level then “HELL to the KNOW” is the best way to GO!


All Shipped Orders Will Receive A Signed Copy & Bonus Inspirational Gift That Will Be Sure To Minister To Your Spirit!


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